It’s Time to Come Clean!

Female founded by Nadia Gagnier and Sara Roter, ROTE is a new clothing brand that strives to evolve the way people think about what they wear – and how they shop.  ROTE is raising consciousness in fashion that It’s Time to Come Clean™.

A proud B-Corp that meets the highest standards of transparency, ROTE has uncovered the dirt – the pollutant chemicals and harmful ingredients woven throughout fashion, given its lack of rules or regulations.  While revealing ingredients and chemicals used in garment manufacturing is not required, ROTE founders spent several years educating then eradicating some of the most toxic, creating the brand’s It's Time to Come Clean List.

ROTE began as a quest for the perfect organic white t-shirt: a style staple, the foundation of everyday fashion. Crafting a classic with the transparency and standards – and an ingredient label – that you’ve come to expect from wellness and food drives us from design to delivery.  

We are looking forward to a long and clean friendship!