ROTE Partners with FabScrap: A Sustainable Alliance Shaping the Future of Fashion

ROTE Partners with FabScrap: A Sustainable Alliance Shaping the Future of Fashion

The fashion industry is notorious for its immense contribution to environmental pollution and waste. With an estimated 100 billion garments annually, it's truly alarming to learn that around 92 million tons of clothing end up in landfills each year. Shockingly, only a mere 20% of textiles are collected globally for reuse or recycling. These staggering numbers highlight the urgent need for change in the fashion industry's practices.

With that in mind, ROTE has chosen to partner up with textile recycling company FabScrap, a company that holds a shared vision of establishing a circular fashion economy. 

When deciding to partner with FabScrap, it felt organic… the most natural, if you will, as we share a strong commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. Our dedication to sustainability is unwavering and evident through our implementation of sustainable practices, such as repurposing fabric scraps and providing transparent ingredient labels. However, we also acknowledge the need to take further action in order to minimize textile waste and tackle the forthcoming challenges in this regard.

"Creating sustainable fashion isn't just about reducing waste, it's also about promoting transparency and awareness in the industry. At ROTE, we are committed to doing both, and our partnership with FabScrap is a prime example of that,” said ROTE co-founder Nadia Gagnier in a company announcement. 

Adding to that sentiment is our other co-founder Sara Roter: “As a sustainable clothing line, we are committed to doing our part to keep textile waste out of landfills and to reduce our environmental impact. This partnership with FabScrap is a critical step towards achieving that goal."

That said, with FabScrap, a textile recycling organization based in New York City that is dedicated to diverting textile waste from landfills and promoting a circular economy for fashion, ROTE will now have the means to recycle all of its textile waste, including fabric scraps and end-of-roll materials as FabScrap will collect the waste from ROTE's production studio and ensure that it is repurposed or recycled sustainably.

Through this joint effort, both entities can amplify their impact and inspire other brands to adopt responsible practices. 

ROTE x FabScrap is a crucial step toward shaping a more sustainable future for the fashion sector.

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