ROTE x Cara Marie Piazza: Launch First Natural Dyed Collection

ROTE x Cara Marie Piazza: Launch First Natural Dyed Collection

ROTE Collaborates With Natural and Artisan Dyer Cara Marie Piazza To Launch First Dyed Collection

When we set out to create the perfect off-white T-Shirt, we knew we wanted to add colors that met our It’s Time to Come Clean requirements.

Accomplishing that goal in an industry where AZO dyes – a prevalent dye used in fast fashion that has a carcinogenic nature when broken down - though was a whole other story. 

We met natural and artisan dyer Cara Marie Piazza early on in our journey.  Cara is a fashion industry darling for her unique natural dying approach and works with everyone from Jason Wu to Mara Hoffman. Her distinct alchemist style and creations are not only beautiful, but they are also, of course, clean.

For us, we were looking to do a natural dye collection, but quickly realized we needed to take a few steps back to make sure our garment was clean before applying any sort of color. Once we launched our natural collection, we were eager to collaborate with Cara.

A few short months after our launch, we did a limited run Ice-Dyed Collectionwith Cara.  One-of-a-kind, naturally hand-dyed, using ice and various botanicals, plant matter, minerals, non-toxic metals, and food wastes.  We instantly saw the talent and quality in her work transform our beautiful t-shirts and we, of course, wanted to offer more ROTE x Cara Marie Piazza colors.

Working with Cara, we expanded our palette to include two soft tones - gray and blush.  The v-necks embody our vision, aesthetic, and are achieved without chemicals. They showcase Cara’s talents in the most subtle way.
When we spoke with Cara on her latest collaboration with us it was abundantly clear that her intuitive dye approach matches her personality in creativity, humbleness, and a distinct zest for life. She treats her fabrics like a chemist and a chef, a scientist and an artist,  with a love of color that is true and pure.  In explaining her process, “Natural dying is essentially cooking. A beautiful alchemy of creating conduits.” 

 With over a decade of experience, she believes strongly in embracing the slow process of natural dying and small-scale solutions for brands. Cara uses a distinct approach and techniques, transforming each textile into its very own story. With our gray and blush drops, she used a range of “ingredients,” including natural extracts, iron sulfates and renewable tree .

The beauty in a sought-after artist like Cara, is her desire to work with new fashion lines like ours. “I love ROTE’s mission, “ she told us. “Their T-Shirts are exciting and accessible, luxurious and beautiful.”

Cara Marie Piazza

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