ROTE and FabScrap Forge Alliance to Propel Fashion's Zero Waste Circular Economy

ROTE and FabScrap Forge Alliance to Propel Fashion's Zero Waste Circular Economy

New York, NY - ROTE, a fashion brand focused on sustainability and zero-waste design, has revealed its latest partnership with FabScrap, an organization dedicated to recycling textiles and reducing textile waste in landfills. By working together, ROTE is making further strides toward realizing its aim of establishing a circular fashion economy. Additionally, the brand is promoting awareness in the fashion industry by improving transparency regarding garment manufacturing ingredients and chemicals, which are not mandatory.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with FabScrap to create and help a circular economy for our brand," said ROTE co-founder Sara Roter. “As a sustainable clothing line, we are committed to doing our part to keep textile waste out of landfills and to reduce our environmental impact. This partnership with FabScrap is a critical step towards achieving that goal."

The fashion industry is a major contributor to environmental pollution and waste, producing approximately 100 billion garments annually. Shockingly, as much as 92 million tons of clothing end up in landfills each year, with only 20% of textiles collected for reuse or recycling worldwide. 

ROTE is dedicated to reducing its impact on the environment and has implemented sustainable practices, such as reusing scraps and creating transparency and standards through an ingredient label. Despite these efforts, ROTE acknowledges that there is still work to be done in reducing its textile waste.

Through its partnership with FabScrap, ROTE will now be able to recycle all of its textile waste, including scraps and end-of-roll fabrics. FabScrap will collect the waste from ROTE's production studio and ensure that it is repurposed or recycled in a sustainable manner.

"Creating sustainable fashion isn't just about reducing waste, it's also about promoting transparency and awareness in the industry. At ROTE, we are committed to doing both, and our partnership with FabScrap is a prime example of that,” said ROTE co-founder Nadia Gagnier. 

About ROTE:

ROTE is a sustainable clothing brand co-founded by Nadia Gagnier and Sara Roter, with a mission to disrupt the fashion industry by promoting transparency and consciousness. As a B-Corp, ROTE meets the highest standards of transparency and is committed to creating a circular economy for fashion. The brand has created the It's Time to Come Clean List™ to educate consumers on harmful chemicals found in fashion, promoting awareness in the industry. ROTE strives to revolutionize the way people think about what they wear and how they shop, with a focus on crafting classic styles with transparency and ingredient labels. 

About FabScrap:

FabScrap is a textile recycling organization based in New York City. The organization collects textile waste from designers, brands, and other organizations and ensures that it is repurposed or recycled in a sustainable manner. FabScrap's mission is to create a circular economy for fashion and to help divert textile waste from landfills.

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